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Member of American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama since 2007


Corporate Services

Through our offices in Panama City and New York City, we provide services to both individual and institutional investors interested in projects located in Panama Republic, including real estate transactions, employment contracts, international trade documentation, equipment leasing, international licensing, trademark registration, secured transactions and filings, sales and purchases of businesses, management of administrative and subsidiary offices registered in Panama and choices of passive investment vehicles.

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Wealth Preservation Services

Panamá has a particularly attractive and flexile law on foundations. A private foundation provides many of the same benefits as a trust, but with the additional flexibility for the founder, therefore, a private Panama foundation may often be a more suitable vehicle for protecting and preserving personal wealth. Foundations may be for asset protection, business, charitable, family or investment purposes. In simple terms, it is a hybrid between a corporation and a trust.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you structure a private foundation, personal holding company and other wealth preservation vehicles, so that it properly meets with your needs and aspirations and we will provide professional formation and management services as well.

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“Total Care” Individual Investor Package of Services

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